2024 Okanagan Tattoo Show

Okanagan Tattoo Show Basic AFTERCARE

Thanks for trusting us with your new tattoo! We want to have clear and consistent instructions to help you with healing!!

Please do not ask friends or family how to heal your tattoo, they didn’t do the work for you, and we have broken it down into simple steps that make it very easy to follow.

You will need

  1. Soap. Unscented is best but Pears for bar soap works fantastic. 
  2. Paper towel. Please only use paper towel to pat dry your new tattoo.
  3. Unscented lotion like Curel, Glaxal Base, or Lubriderm. 

The steps are as follows

  1. Please heed any special instructions given to you by your artist.
  2. Wear the bandage overnight as weeping occurs.
  3. Remove in the AM, Shower, and make your tattoo the last thing you wash. Don’t be afraid, lather your hands with soap and give the tattoo a through cleaning. It may be sore and sensitive to high heat so adjust accordingly.
  4. Pat the tattoo lightly with paper towel to dry, then let air dry.
  5. Wash your new tattoo 4-5 more times a day for the first 2 days, this helps reduce healing issues. 
  6. Continue to wash daily 2-3 times a day morning and night. 
  7. If your tattoo gets very tight feeling a small amount of cream can be used, your skin should never look wet with cream. Please massage in until fully absorbed.
  8. Your tattoo will flake or scab lightly. Please do not pick or scratch your new tattoo, it will harm it. If your tattoo is itchy, its normal, lightly smack the skin instead of scratching. 
  9. Continue with washing regimen until your tattoo feels like your smooth skin again.

Some do’s and do nots!

  1. If you have pets that sleep in your bed, or couches please change sheets or clean. Pets dander and hair can play a role in healing in a adverse way. 
  2. Do not suntan during your healing process. After healing its not recommended to expose your tattoo to direct sun. After healing make sunscreen part of your routine, as UV light can have damaging effects on your tattoo.
  3. No pools, hot tubs or lakes during healing. Same with soaking in the shower or tub. In, wash and get out. It helps. 
  4. Use CREAM sparingly. Many healing problems are cream related. Light use and fully absorbed is the way to go. 
  5. Sports. Please be aware that you only have one chance to heal your tattoo. Excess movement, especially in areas that flex can be tough on healing. Perhaps give your skin a break in that area and do some exercise that will not effect your tattoo. Be careful near gym equipment as bacteria can wreck havoc, and equipment such as Hockey Gear can really harbor destructive bacteria.


  1. Redness and being sore is the name of the game when healing. It should only last 3-4 days. Sometimes longer. RED, HOT SWOLLEN and PAINFUL should not be the norm past 4-5 days. Infections do occur sometimes and direct contact with your artist on how to proceed is highly recommended. Especially if the tattoo felt great for the first few days and then gets some complications. Phone or email the artist at once.
  2. Heavy Scabbing can occur at times but the washing regimen should be adhered to. Please do not pick, or drown with cream. Call or email your artist directly for additional info. 
  3. Little pimples around the outside of the tattoo are often asymptomatic issue of too much cream. Please email your artist.
  4. We want your tattoo to heal great, but in the event it needs a touch up we have you covered. All artists at Pinz Tattoo offer a free follow up touch up usually within 90-120 days. You must contact your artist to inquire. Not all tattoos require a touch up and that’s their goal.

Remember your Artists name is on your waiver copy you received in your email. Contact them directly with any issues with healing. 

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